We are keeping our own traditional way to produce our own “FUKUGEN Sake”.

We are determined to maintain the singular quality of the Fukugen Sake by refusing to brew bulk quantities. Our precious Sake is only bottled. An essential part of the brewing process is the care and attention brought to the process by the brewing master and his skilled artisans. The natural surrounding in Nagano, its unspoiled location, fresh spring pure water from the Northern Japan Alps and naturally grown organic Sake-rice are all elements in the carefully preserved Sake brewing formula. Not influenced by the current mass-production to brew, we are keeping our own traditional way to produce our own “FUKUGEN Sake”.



Fukugen is situated in the mountainous heart of Japan in Nagano prefecture, called “Shinsyu”. Our location in Shinsyu is called Azumino, a favorite destination for second homes among wealthy Japanese, with an abundance of clean air and pure water, deep winters and cool summers, and majestic mountain vistas of the Northern Japan Alps. The people of this region take great pride in the richness of their natural surroundings of the Nagano prefecture, host to the 1998 Winter Olympics.



At Fukugen, we believe that the very nature of Nagano is our indispensable treasure. Although the rural scenery is changing every year, we wish to leave this natural landscape to generations to come, and we therefore are asking the farmers of Nagano to cultivate the sake-rice organically. Whilst we make every effort to grow good sake-rice within our own firm, we encourage our employees to work to the same methods. By doing so, we try to ensure the future of our precious natural crops. Naturally, this product of nature’s blessing is the essence of Fukugen sake.



The clarity of the crystal clear underground water from the Fukugen’s well amazes even geologists. This water vein from the Northern Japan Alps provides Fukugen with the most appropriate water for sake production. The sake of Fukugen is creatively produced by skilled artisans with thorough knowledge of the nature of this singular mid-hard water, and they match it with the best sake-rice and yeast.



Many artisans work at sake brewery all year long, but Fukugen, tries to employ people who can work in the brewery during the winter months, and then engage in agriculture during spring, summer and autumn. This means that the production is entrusted to the experts both in brewing and agriculture. Full understanding of this natural landscape is essential to the sake brewery of Fukugen. This is the reason why Fukugen sake is the only real quality Japanese sake, and why other big sake breweries cannot emulate the Fukugen product.