AZUMINO/Umeshu (Plum Liquor, Genshu)

Full taste of plum liquor which brewed with Japanese Sake and selected plum fruit from Japan Alps area. Fruity fragrance and smoothie valet taste gives are very different from distilled sprit made one. Straight or on the rocks or adding sparkling water, our serving suggestion is.

Taste: Sweet
Serving suggestion: Well chilled or at room temperature and Warm
Storage: Cool & dark room
alcohol: 17%
Volume: 500ml


KITA-ALPS / Ume-shu (Plum Liquor)

Selected Plum fruits are steeped in original Fukugen Sake with granulated sugar and delicious Japanese honey. We make this fruit liquor by our original recipe. You would enjoy drinking Ume-shu with fruity fragrance and velvet taste. Straight or on the rocks, our serving suggestion is.